What is Snaptile?


The first universal disposable piercing forceps with certifierd EO-sterilisation – fast & easy to use for all kinds of piercings. SNAPTILE® is always the perfectly safe ready-to-use tool – especially when working on the road (e.g. at conventions)!

Thanks to features FB fix & bend, the holding of laborers and bending of treadless attachments is extra comfortable!

  • EO-sterilized & single-sealed
  • CE-certified
  • Fast & easy to use
  • Suitable for all piercings
  • Developed & Manufactured in Germany

Snaptile now has "Fix & Bend" features. They support the insertion of laborer jewellery and pre-bending of push pin attachments.

You can find videos with the new SNAPTILE functions through this link: